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with Rebeca Eigen
Astrological Marriage & Relationship FIXER
Natal Overview

Having a consultation on the basic building blocks of our natal chart is like seeing a blue print of our psyche. The planets (archetypes), elements (earth, air, fire and water), describe our psychological functions inherent to all human beings. Briefly, an example is the Sun is our center, where we want to be validated and the house it is in will show the area of our life where be true to who we came here to be. Every planet represents an aspect of our being. By house, sign and aspects they make to each other, these are indicators of our Soul. Your Astrology leads to knowing who you are in a state of becoming in this  present evolutionary journey. 

Natal Chart Overview, Houses, Signs, Planets, Rising Sign, Aspects
- $155  (
after 1st consultation)


The Nodes of the Moon - Karmic Implications - $155 (after 1st consultation)

Karmic Implication Nodes

This consultation will lead you to a valuable understanding of your karmic intentions for this lifetime. Knowing our nodes (which are considered to be karmically ingrained characteristics we’ve repeated over many lifetimes) also gives us even more detailed information about our relationship patterns. The Jungian word compensation comes into focus here as we see that what we overdo in our life will be compensated for in our unconscious and now will become fodder for projection.  The habitual and ingrained tendencies described by our South Node are out of balance and require conscious intention to grow towards what will round us out, best described by our North Node. The nodal axis often will be something that, once we are aware, can show us what our soul is really striving for in this lifetime as our life’s purpose.

1st Astrology Consultation
(or 7 More Types of 
Consultations Available below)
with Rebeca Eigen
1 hour  Zoom Meeting online
or in person in Houston, TX $250.00
Relationships Nodes

The Nodes of the Moon in Our Relationships by House - $155

When we behave in ways that sabotage our relationships and they seem to be compulsive and unconscious as we will question ourselves after something happens and we doubt our ability to make the right choices in responding to our current partners, then a look at our nodes is very revealing. This consultation will give you valuable information about certain relationships patterns that are occurring.


Choosing a partner that is actually leading us towards our evolutional purpose may have a lot to do with our North Node placement which may at first not seem to be our “type.” These are the mysteries that come clear when our nodes are examined in detail. 


Our Saturn Sign & House
Where We All Feel Inferior - $155

The planet Saturn is symbolic of our limitations, our greatest fears and can become our Achilles heel in the sense that it is difficult for us to express this energy constructively at first. Traditionally, Saturn has been described as how we hold ourselves back, where we feel awkward and self-conscious, and it seems that these fears we feel internally are caused by factors that are external or happening “to us.” In this consultation, I will help you see that your Saturn sign, placement, and aspects will show you a way to see Saturn as a place of strength. With self-awareness, personal integrity, and appreciating the need for becoming grounded, each delay or restriction can be viewed as an area where taking responsibility instead of blaming fate will lead to mastery.

Hard Aspcts

Where We Can Get Stuck - Hard Aspects
(Some Conjunctions, Squares, Inconjuncts and Oppositions) - $155

The planets make mathematical aspects to each other and four of these in particular are the conjunction, the square, the quincunx (also called teh inconjunct) and the oppositions.  These aspects depending on the planets involved create tension and struggle between the two parts of our psyche and force us to resist, change and/or take action and grow.  They usually precipitate crisis or conflict with ourselves or with others in our environment. We become aware we need to grow and learn to accommodate both of our psychological needs while maintaining awareness that the challenges are internal although they appear to us to be external and fate. 

Major Aspects

Major configurations, Grand Trine, T-Squares, Grand Cross and Yod  - $155

These major configurations are interesting aspects of our character development and we are so much more prepared to deal with our lives when we are aware of them. The harmony and ease or the stress and discord we encounter are shown by these major aspects. It's a real eye opener to understand what they mean and how they are operating in our lives and for this reason I am including them in my consultations. I will explain the meaning of the planets involved, the elements and the houses they are in (area of our lives).

More Shadow Work

MORE SHADOW WORK - One time only  - $155

As you begin to go into your unconscious more and more will come up and/or something happens in a relationship in your environment and you just need help understanding why this particular person or situation and how can that be about you, you wonder. 

I will listen and then look at your chart and point out where the blind spot could be happening. It can also be coming from the other person or something you will have to develop to stop a certain behavior or pattern. So if you need more help, integrating your shadow, that's my specialty is helping you discover and embrace your unlived life and rewrite your story.

Learning about ourselves is the task of an entire lifetime as we are all in process of becoming who we

came here to be and no one knows their whole self. 

4-6-7 Week Commitments


4 Weeks Astrological Exploration Commitment Fees prepaid $600. 

Zoom call only ($150. each 1 Hour each week)


6 Weeks Astrological Exploration Commitment Fees prepaid $870. 

Zoom call only ($145. each 1 Hour each week)


SAVE on 7  - Deep Sea Diver Consultations Pkg.

 $150. each Consultation if you prepay
for 7 at one time.

$1100.00 (includes the Psychological Analysis Report, a $65. value).

Going into so much detail in your birth chart is not only possible, it is enlightening!


“Talk about instant gratification! I wish I had found Rebeca earlier in my quest for self knowledge! The aspects of my personality and life that she illuminated for me clicked so quickly and I felt as if I was being handed the keys to my personal success!” 

— Sheila S. K., Houston, Tx


“It is funny how you so easily know me after just one call and even though we are a great ocean apart. Perhaps it is due to the fact that you are honestly interested in men and the how and the why. Rebeca has deep knowledge and understanding of Jungian shadow psychology using the archetypes found in astrology to guide you towards an acceptance of your true self.”

— Johan A., Sweden


“My consultation with Rebeca was a life changing experience! I had never quite understood myself and my interactions with others. It has helped me tremendously to understand where I have been, where I am now and where I can go should I choose.”  

— Sari F., Houston, Tx






4 Weeks Shadow Work  Commitment Fees prepaid $540. 

Zoom call only ($135. each 1 Hour each week)


6 Weeks Shadow Work  Commitment Fees prepaid $780. 

Zoom call only ($130. each 1 Hour each week)


Reading this report was the equivalent of what I learned in ten years of therapy. In fact, I had to make a copy and give it to my therapist. 

- Donna S, Dallas, Tx

My brother-in-law said to me, “Rebeca, this is me!” To which I said, “I know. This report is remarkable. It was how I first learned about my own shadow and that took me 2 years before I could admit it to myself.”

- Rebeca Eigen

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Child Horoscope Report

Relationship Report 

 - from the Partners Point of View

Yearly Transits 

Long Term Perspective - a look ahead


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