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Course description

This experiential course is about relating to ‘others’ and is not just for couples. ALL relationships will improve when you learn about your Shadow self. Carl Jung’s life work was in learning to go into his own unconscious. His discovery of the shadow is a gift like no other as this part of us is with us at all times, whether we know it or not. He said,

“The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it
happens outside as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not
become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act
out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves.”

— Carl G. Jung

CW9: AION: The Phenomenology of the Self, par 126


“Most people confuse ‘self-knowledge’ with knowledge of their conscious ego personalities.
Anyone who has any ego-consciousness at all takes it for granted that he knows himself.
But the ego knows only its own contents, not the unconscious and its contents.
People measure their self-knowledge by what the average person in their social
environment knows of himself, but not the real psychic facts
which are for the most part hidden from them.” ​

— Carl G. Jung

CW 10 - Civilization in Transition, The Undiscovered Self, par 491


In this course you will learn that discovering and embracing your shadow is a way of being in the world that will help you understand yourself and your partners, past or present. This course will explore your unique requirements in relationships and how to do them, TOGETHER using your birth chart which is like looking at a blue print of your psyche. Our astrology gives us details of what we will encounter when we strive to be in relationships.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an ASTROLOGY COURSE to learn astrology. It is about having conscious relationships. WEBINARS on Zoom with unlimited students.  In-HOUSE WORKSHOPS are limited to 8 Students so you will receive individual attention


By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of how your unconscious has been instrumental in choosing the relationships you attract into your life; how to dance with them more harmoniously; accept your total self and live your relationships with more authenticity.  


1. A Thorough Understanding of Our Shadow — how it is formed and how to recognize it and why it is important to our development as human beings. Repeating patterns are our best mirrors — how and why they occur. We will go through exercises to understand and discover your hidden selves. Process 1, Push My Buttons Worksheet


2. Complex Theory— Understanding How our Mother and Father Complexes are involved in our relationship life. The 4th and 10th house cusps in your birth chart. The acceptance of our fate, what Nietzsche called amor fati. Process 2, Our Parents Worksheet


3. Who and Why We Fall in Love  — How to remain conscious when going through that blissful, intox­icating experience. We will also have a brief introduction to the contra-sexual images in our psyche, i.e., masculine (Anima) and feminine (Animus) which are latin for soul. We will learn about what the rising sign is in our birth chart. Process 3-4

4. Planets in Our 7th House, Venus and Shadow Work — We will learn more about how planets in our 7th which at first are projected ultimately can be shared in an equal and balanced way. Also our particular Venus sign, house and aspects give us more detail on what we value and find beautiful, how we express affection and what we need to feel both loving and loved. Astrology Basics, Venus by Sign and House, Rising Sign, 7th House Worksheet, Meaning of Planets When Projected, Planets - How Can We Live Them Together

5. Communication Skills & More Shadow Work – We will take a look at blame and when that is no longer appropriate and the benefits of understanding teleology. You will learn some tools to improve communication between yourself and others to create the intimacy you have longed for.  Process 5

6. Qs & As, 10 Benefits of Shadow Work & the inner meaning of our Mystical Marriage - We will begin with
time to ask questions of anything you want clarification on. The importance of developing and ego-Self axis, Individuation and the Sacred Marriage, what the Alchemists called the conuinctio, a union of opposites, our inner divinity. Process 6, Gold Meditation


The Pisces Age is over. Best Friends is the Goal for the Aquarian Age.


Rebeca Eigen, Relationship & Marriage FIXER, Astrologer for the 7th House for 25+ years uses Jungian concepts
and the Astrological birth chart to evoke the symbolic and help you become more aware of your total Self. Her in-depth study of the Shadow has given her an invaluable awareness of the role the unconscious plays in the relationships we repeatedly attract into our lives. We know from studying myth that Beauty eventually learned to love the Beast.

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STARTS AGAIN every 8 weeks. If class is full, I will email to get you on the schedule
for the next webinar or in-house workshop in Houston, Texas. 

- T E S T I M O N I A L S -

“It’s been really interesting in my car ride home, after these classes. Stuff that we talked about bring up a lot of examples and things for me to analyze in a good way, so I really appreciate this class. Depending on where you're at in wanting to be honest with yourself, that's another layer to the work as well.” — Vanessa P


“I had no idea when I signed up for the Meetup, that this is what it was going to be. It’s been so enlightening and impactful to me. Again, because when you don’t know, you don’t know and the Universe brought me to you. The information I am gathering I’ll be able to share with other people. And in fact, I have told some friends, “Do you know what shadow work is? On Mondays, I am in class, so don’t call me.” — Carlotta F


An email I received after Week 1 of 1st workshop:

Your approach helped me look at a difficult relationship, and the related people involved, in a totally different way. I had one attitude when I left your house — an altered attitude by the time I went to bed, had dreams with an approach and woke up with a fourth. My diving into this from an angle that I did not see before has really helped me. For now it looks like I may have found my answer regarding this person as I do feel different. It is complicated as this is a family member so more events will possibly come up but at least I think I will be handling it better.
Thank you so very much,

— Vivian P.

Self-Knowledge Liberates You from Endless Patterns 

Book a Mini Consultation to see the Astrological planets and signs that are important to keep the balance in your Relationships! My specialty is helping you understand your Astrological 7th house (marriage, partnerships which is also called the house of open enemies, i.e. our shadow), plus your Venus (describes your need to relate to significant others), the aspects it makes and house position. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES about your relationships — current or future relationships.


This is not just about intimate partners. We can project our 7th and 8th house planets onto family, friends, bosses, neighbors, clients, even our parents and children.


Learning about our SELVES is invaluable in understanding past painful relationships and improve great ones too!

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