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Knowing that at all times it takes two to make a relationship work,
and that no one can do the work alone.     
- Qs & As -
  1. Do I genuinely like this person that I am “in-love” with?         

  2. Are we friends? Would I still be their friend even if they decided they didn’t want to be my partner?         

  3. Am I genuinely interested in this person for who he or she is? Do I accept and appreciate where we are different?         

  4. Am I free to be myself? Do I allow the other person the freedom to be who they came here to be?         

  5. Is this person willing to communicate with me? Even when it’s hard to do so?         

  6. Does this person take care of themselves? Can they stand on their own financially?*         

  7. Can we compromise on important issues?         

  8. Are my needs being met? Do I ask them what their needs are also, so that I can meet their needs? Are they willing to take turns giving and receiving?         

  9. If we both recognize that we are polarizing in character traits, do we make the effort to meet each other halfway?         

  10. Have we established trust over time? Can we count on each other to keep our word, do what we say we will do, etc.?

  11. Are we committed for the long haul?     

  12. Is our sexual relationship healthy? Do we both give and receive pleasure?     

  13. Is our love felt and expressed freely without reservation?     

  14. Do they demonstrate the capacity to forgive and forget?         

  15. Are we both willing to grow and change?
    * Exceptions are when someone stays home to care for children, handicapped or elderly parents.



This video is not the best quality but it was a live audience and I believe the content was important and easy to understand.

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