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Couples Consultations Package of 3

This requires 3 separate consultations

  • 1 hour
  • 950 US dollars
  • 9507 W. Airport Blvd.

Service Description

The benefits of a Couples Consultation are to help you understand yourself and your partner, and the complex relationship situations your partner has come into your life to help you integrate within yourselves. You will both learn that your relationship is not an accident and that you can learn to meet each other half way once you understand the complexity of your energy (archetypes). Who you are as a couple is a combination of the hidden aspects of yourselves that you are in the process of developing as well as the conscious energies you share. You can become a GIFT to each others spiritual and psychological growth. ​All my consultations utilize my work with the Shadow, a concept of Carl G. Jung using the birth chart of each partner. Jungian Analyst J. Pittman McGehee, D.D., says, “I alone must become myself, but I cannot become myself alone.” - Includes a Natal Chart Overview for each person, Venus and 7th House planets, ruler and aspects will be examined.

Contact Details

  • + 281-799-2900

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