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Our Saturn Sign & House

Where We All Feel Inferior

  • 1 hour
  • 155 US dollars
  • 9507 W. Airport Blvd. Houston, Tx 77031

Service Description

The planet Saturn is symbolic of our limitations, our greatest fears and can become our Achilles heel in the sense that it is difficult for us to express this energy constructively at first. Traditionally, Saturn has been described as how we hold ourselves back, where we feel awkward and self-conscious, and it seems that these fears we feel internally are caused by factors that are external or happening “to us.” In this consultation, I will help you see that your Saturn sign, placement, and aspects will show you a way to see Saturn as a place of strength. With self-awareness, personal integrity, and appreciating the need for becoming grounded, each delay or restriction can be viewed as an area where taking responsibility instead of blaming fate will lead to mastery. When we behave in ways that sabotage our relationships and they seem to be compulsive and unconscious as we will question ourselves after something happens and we doubt our ability to make the right choices in responding to our current partners, then a look at our nodes is very revealing. Choosing a partner that is actually leading us towards our evolutional purpose may have a lot to do with our North Node placement which may at first not seem to be our “type.” These are the mysteries that come clear when our nodes are examined in detail.

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