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Where We Can Get Stuck - Hard Aspects

(Some Conjunctions, Squares, Inconjuncts and Oppositions)

  • 1 hour
  • 155 US dollars
  • 9507 W. Airport Blvd. Houston, Tx 77031

Service Description

The planets make mathematical aspects to each other and four of these in particular are the conjunction, the square, the quincunx (also called teh inconjunct) and the oppositions. These aspects depending on the planets involved create tension and struggle between the two parts of our psyche and force us to resist, change and/or take action and grow. They usually precipitate crisis or conflict with ourselves or with others in our environment. We become aware we need to grow and learn to accommodate both of our psychological needs while maintaining awareness that the challenges are internal although they appear to us to be external and fate.

Contact Details

+ 281-799-2900

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