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The Amethyst Ring

Back in the early 90s I was in a prayer group with 3 other women. We would meet once a week at Exxon Chemical where 2 of them worked. They would reserve a conference room and we would meet there to do the Course in Miracles together (which is too complicated to do alone). I noticed that they all had amethyst rings and I decided I wanted one so periodically I would go looking for one but could never find one I liked. I wanted something antique looking and not just plain. So one year Valentine's day was coming and I didn't have anyone to buy me anything so I decided I am going to go look for a ring to give to myself. Well it so happened that that particular weekend before Valentine's we were having a psychic party where we would have readers at tables for the evening and the 4 of us invited all the friends we knew to come. AND there was a particular movie being shown at a community center called Center Point in Houston on Gnosticism which I wanted to see but I couldn't be both places at once so I went in the afternoon and I asked one of the founders of this place if she would tape for me. I gave her a cassette player and some cassettes because I thought even if I can't see the movie, I can hear it. Well the following day was Sunday and I went to the mall looking for a ring. Still nothing. I just didn't like any of what I saw and I went to two malls. Well Valentine's Day was on Monday and I went up to Center Point and walked in. The girl who was going to tape for me said, "OMG, I forgot all about taping for you! I'm sorry!" I said, "Oh well guess I wasn't supposed to hear it." I looked down at her hand and she had on an amethyst ring. All I said to her was, "Your ring." She took it off and gave it to me. She said, "Do you like it? Here. You wear it for awhile." I had chills go up and down my arms and I said, "You're not going to believe this but I have been looking for an amethyst ring because I thought I wanted to give myself one for Valentine's day since I have no boyfriend to give me one. I am in a prayer group with three women who all have one." She said, "Well I belong to a prayer group of 4 women too. We each had an amethyst ring and one by one they gave theirs away and I woke up this morning and I knew I wanted to give mine away. So it's yours Rebeca. God wants you to have it." I have many of this kind of story and someday I will compile them all into a book because a good friend of mine named Earl (who died of alcoholism) said to me, "You know why I am your friend Rebeca? Because I love to hear your stories. Promise me you will write them all down someday." He died after that and I have a book I wrote but that will be my next book. It will be called “Healing the Broken Spirit Through Your Connection with the Divine." I felt my friend killed himself through drinking because he had lost faith in life itself. He never felt he was connected to the cosmos/God/spirit/the source whatever you want to call it. He seemed to always be on the side of bad fortune in his life. As everyone else, sometimes I too feel lost and alone in heart aches and mishaps. In the last few years I have been extremely challenged emotionally and financially in a way that has forced me to make many changes in my life. These changes although very hard are also very good in the long run. I am finding out who my real friends are in this tough time too and new ones have come along to replace the old ones who needed to go. With the North Node in Aquarius I am truly blessed with good friends in this incarnation. I do miss my friend Earl still as he was a good man just very hard headed and opinionated and often he would drive people away from him by saying things he would not sensor. I would argue with him and not let him try to take me over. In other words I would stand up for myself. We would go round and round sometimes but often we would just have fun. We played tennis together a lot in those 14 years we were friends and he would beat me every single time. Then one day I beat him. 6-0, 6-0. We couldn't believe it. I was just playing really well that day and he wasn't. Loving Earl just the way he was to me was an opportunity for me to walk my talk. I am a Jack of Hearts/9 of Spades. (re: Robert Camp books) I saw both sides of him and I loved him anyway but I also stood my ground when he would try to take over. My father used to call me the "Rebel". I have a mind of my own as they say. The apple never falls very far from the tree. :)


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