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ALL of my astrological clients come to me with relationship issues and what they are going through is so specific to their chart. Without disclosing personal identification I am going to start describing some of these issues as they may be helpful to others who read my blog from time to time. Here's one that was significant. This woman had several planets in Virgo in her 7th house including the Moon which told me she was not only highly critical, she also attracted partners who were critical of her. I told her if you BOTH recognize you have a strong critical streak, make a pact with your partner that if either of you starts nagging or fault finding and it's over the top (you can tell it's over the top by the emotion involved) that you will say out loud to each other: TIME TO GET PRODUCTIVE. Let's go clean out the garage or let's go work in the garden... Let's do something together to get busy until we calm down and can discuss whatever it is you want to discuss. This will depotentiate the critical streak inherent in your characters. You aren't going to get rid of this part of you so might as well learn ways to put it to good use. Instead of tearing each other to shreds with criticism, make yourselves become the Virgo TEAM! Remember the 7th house is what we can do together! Then later instead of criticizing, how about asking for what you want! A wonderful concept. Easier said than done and takes practice, but practice makes perfect... hehe another Virgo term.


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