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As hard as it is to see it, everything in a relationship, the beginning, the middle and the end are about US. They were a mirror for us — whatever we didn't like was a part of us we need to either develop or we are doing it behind our own back and don't know it. We need that part of us. Whatever we were "fascinated and enchanted by" is also us. I highly recommend if you want to know more about yourself to get a psychological horoscope analysis report on my web site. They are remarkably accurate and takes a lifetime to acknowledge all the parts of ourselves that get projected out onto others, even friends, family and children get to receive some of our "shadow." These reports give you a tool to bring those parts back so you can live them in a conscious way neither blaming or condemning but only loving yourself and the mirror they produced as in the end love is all we are and can BE to be true to ourselves. Ever noticed that the symbol for VENUS is a MIRROR. Well she (Venus) is in LIBRA right now. Time to honor the relationships that are the most valuable tool for self awareness.

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