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Seven Sins - The Journey from Shadow into Light

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The Journey from Shadow into Light

A New Report by LIZ GREENE

Is it possible to talk about Sin in the 21st century? We no longer relate easily to a list of religious offenses and dictates that first emerged in the medieval world. But is sin necessarily something that reflects a religious worldview? Or could ‘sin’ be a fundamental psychological dynamic that has deep meaning in terms of our inner compulsions, our struggles with our own destructive tendencies, and our efforts to contribute something creative to life?

The idea of the seven Cardinal Sins has roots older than the religious world-view with which it is associated. It belongs to the mythic story of the soul's journey from its heavenly origin to its life on earth. Sins in this ancient context are a form of resistance to life itself, and reflect those psychological dynamics within us that hinder the creative unfolding of the life-force, with destructive consequences.

The seven Cardinal Sins are based on the seven fundamental human qualities which, symbolised by the seven personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – are central to astrology. Each of these qualities carries both a light and a dark side within itself. Dealing with this polarity consciously can make life rich and fulfilling, but if it remains unconscious, it can also lead to hardship and unhappiness.

In this profound, psychologically based analysis of personality, Liz Greene examines the birth chart in the light of the age-old concept of the seven Cardinal Sins. She shows in what form each of them can manifest in your personal life, what creative potentials each of them may hinder or thwart, and how this apparently destructive dynamic can eventually be transformed into a constructive, life-enhancing expression of the personality.

"The Seven Sins" discusses the creative as well as destructive potentials of each Sin as shown by your natal chart:

Envy - Finding an inner authenticity that provides deep self-esteem throughout life.
Gluttony - Discovering a powerful inner aspiration that opens new dimensions of awareness

Wrath - Transforming rage and resentment into courage and self-affirmation

Pride - Experiencing love of the inner Self

Lust - Realizing a profound inner experience of beauty and joy

Deceit - Developing the worldly wisdom that allows a grounded as well as ethical adaptation to life

Sloth - Transmuting apathy and depression into serenity and acceptance of life's cyclical nature

With this horoscope, author and Jungian analyst Liz Greene, one of the outstanding astrologers of our time, has written a work in which her deep knowledge about the unfolding of the personality and its healing processes can be found.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please include birth time, date (please spell out the birthday month such as September instead of using the symbol 9) and place (city and state and country) and gender. Available in English and German. Will be printed in English unless specified. This report is 40-50 pages.
Seven Sins
A NEW Report
by Liz Greene 
0. + $12. P&H

If birth information is not correct when you receive your report, we will replace your order at no charge. Email


Yearly Horoscope Analysis Report by Liz Greene  $75.00 + $10. P&H


Liz Greene’s “The Meaning of the Time” uses selected transits and progressions to explore the year’s main themes as well as outlining the prevalent themes for each month. She also discusses the trends in each sphere of life: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The text focuses primarily on the inner developments, conflicts, changes and realizations which reflect the real meaning of time. Specify gender, birth date, time and place.


40-50 pages. Please specify gender, birth date, time (am or pm) and place at checkout. ALSO please specify English, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese or Spanish.

Long Term Perspective Report by Liz Greene  $90.00  + $12 P&H

Astrological cycles do not take human calendars into account, the movements of the planets have their own logic and timing.

The Long-Term Horoscope for six years allows you to look into the long-ranging and complex processes of your psyche. Your inner development, which is reflected by transits of the slow-moving planets and progressions, is usually not in a hurry and gives your personality time to integrate new things. It is helpful, though, to know these new things in advance - Liz Greene provides some insights.

Beside your own personal themes, Liz Greene analyses the collective constellations of the chosen time span, and how they influence your individual horoscope. She also explains how your generation can be affected.

45-50 pages. Please remember to specify birth date, time and place. 
Available languages: English, Danish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.



All reports have P&H. Please call 281-799-2900 for postage for EUROPE, CANADA, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA and other countries. All credit cards through Paypal accepted.



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