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Human mirrors cosmos.
— Huston Smith  



The Sun is symbolic of our center: it is our creative self expression where we seek to be recognized, our basic identity and conscious purpose in life.  It describes who we are becoming, our vitality, our life force. The Sun is heroic, proud, confident, dignified and aristocratic. It is our self image and where we seek ego fulfillment. We strive in this lifetime to become our Sun sign. It’s the place where we truly want to shine our light, to be our true self. The Sun is also glorious and playful.


Moon (Silver)

The Moon is symbolic of our emotions: our feelings, our capacity for giving and receiving nurturing, our ability to listen and to respond. It describes what we need to feel emotionally secure, a sense of belonging and our desire to feel connection with others. It describes our relationship with our mother, our first caretaker, as well as our daily habits. This is one of the feminine principles, our most instinctual self. It is warm, cozy, gentle and sensitive.


Mercury (Mercury)

Mercury is symbolic of our mind (mental): our ability to communicate our ideas, to learn and to educate ourselves. It describes how we reason and think, our capacity gather information, analyze, rationalize and connect the experience in our environment. It is also an urge to be versatile and inquisitive. Mercury was the messenger of the gods. Swift, moving constantly, childlike, darting in and out.


Venus (Copper)

Venus is symbolic of our capacity to attract love: pleasure, comfort, beauty, objects we value and want to possess. This is our aesthetic sensitivity, our desire for comfortable surroundings, rich textures, chocolates and fine wine. Venus is our Aphrodite, the loving and sexy side of our feminine self where we both give and receive. It also describes our self worth and who we are as a partner. Magnetic, this is how we draw others to us. Slow, sensuous, graceful and alluring, harmony and beauty.


Mars (Iron)

Mars is symbolic of the male principle, our will. It is how we go after what we want, our aggressive, directed, focused self. With our Mars we act independently and have the courage to go after and obtain our desires, our passions. Mars is passionate and hot, the masculine sexual side, all fired up and ready to go and take action. It is where we are unafraid to act, to challenge ourselves to go further so we go for it with our Mars. It is also our capacity for anger, to stand up for ourselves, our survival instincts.


Jupiter (Tin)

Jupiter is symbolic of our faith. It is our moral and ethical side, our world view or philosophical nature, the part of us that wants to understand the meaning of life, to expand and grow in consciousness. There are no limits with Jupiter. We believe in the good will of ourselves and others and have total trust in positive outcomes. It describes where we are visionary, seeing ahead at distant goals. We feel abundant, enthusiastic and confident with this part of our nature, jovial, optimistic and high spirited. Jupiter is expansive, boundless, far reaching in all directions, trusts the Universe.    


Saturn (Lead)

Saturn is our ability to create order, set limits to discipline ourselves toward long-term goals. Saturn is where we demonstrate self-control, create structures and plans for success. We are withdrawn, inhibiting and isolated requiring solitude for reflection. Saturn also symbolizes in alchemy the gold hidden in the prima materia, our Shadow. Also our duties, fears, blockages, our hidden insecurities are all Saturnian. Saturn rules things taking their sweet time.



Uranus is our desire to awaken. It is our capacity for awareness, insights, enlightenment, it seeks reform, progress and change. It describes how we collectively release ourselves from stagnation. It is expressive of our unique, independent nature, who we are as unique individuals. It is our originality and objectivity through impersonal channels of thought. Uranian energy is exciting, electric and liberating, sometimes shocking, erratic and unstable. Uranus is sudden changes, unpredictable and erratic.



Neptune is our urge to transcend separateness. It describes the part of us that seeks unity with all our fellow human beings, with God, nature and the entire Universe. Our Neptune is highly imaginative, glamorous, nostalgic, dreamy, poetic, graceful and creative. It is our collective idealism, our compassion for the suffering we see, our ability to sacrifice ourselves, to forgive and make allowances. With our Neptune we feel music and connect with the vibrations of our souls. The feeling is of floating on the ocean waves, opening to infinite love and beauty. Neptune releases our fantasies, to flow, to float on the sea of divine love.



Pluto symbolizes our ability to transform ourselves. It is our capacity to be regenerated, where we go through extremes, compulsions, obsessions. Pluto describes healing our wounded self as it motivates us to go through metaphorical deaths and rebirths both psychologically and spiritually by facing our fears. It describes what is hidden in our unconscious and where we learn to retrieve this buried treasure (our Shadow) and our capacity to let go. Pluto is also our sexuality, our intensity, merging with what is hidden and the sacred depth in us all. With shadow work we experience power and true transformation as we increase in integrity. Erotic, passionate and mysterious. 

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KEYWORDS for the 7th - Marriage House (& Open Enemies)


So if you have:


ARIES RISING - LIBRA/or Venus in the 7th - The PEACEMAKER

+ characteristics: seeks equality/balance, diplomatic/tactful, considerate/fair to others, sociable, easygoing, able to negotiate, seeks intimacy/relatedness and partnership, cooperative, artistic talent, intellectual, refined, harmony-seeking, loving/romantic, willingly shares what one has with a partner, gracious, mediator, objective, pleasing appearance

- characteristics: lazy, devious, uses flattery to get one’s way, unwilling to confront/make waves/passive-aggressive, sometimes overaggressive, sometimes uses non-action to control, indecisive, unable to discriminate, extravagant, superficial, trying too hard to please, critical, shallow, wishy-washy, equivocating, placating, acquiescent, compliant



+ characteristics: powerful, transformation oriented, can have feelings and actions in alignment, intriguing, mysterious, penetrating, magnetic, instinctual, sexy/exotic/ magnetic, attracts others easily, analytical mind, deep, intuitive, fortitude, intuitive/perceptive, seeks to heal wounds/damaged self, can heal others, shamanic capacity, revealing, intimate

- characteristics: revengeful, vindictive, game-playing, obsessive, manipulative, controlling, extremely intense/emotional, rebellious, secretive, uses silence and sarcasm as weapons, cruel, possessive, stubborn, fixed opinions, annihilator, guarded, suspicious, paranoid, withholding, brooding, coercive, intimidating, subversive, coercive, our shadow side, what's hidden from our awareness



+ characteristics: expansive optimistic, influential, humorous, fun-loving, nature-loving, sports-minded, natural curiosity for the workings of the Universe, goal-oriented, joyful, student/teacher, adventurer, explorer, philanthropic, benevolent, philosophical, high-minded, theoretical, truth-seeker, inspirational, adventurous, lover of travel whether literally or mentally, wider perpectives, possibilities, opportunities

- characteristics: inflated, opinionated/self-righteous/preachy, grandiosity, dogmatic, overdoes, overpromises, overextends ones resources, overestimates, dislikes routine/responsibility, hot temper, blunt, tactless, rude, arrogant, argumentative, judgmental, intolerant, proselytizer, inconsistent and unreliable



+ characteristics: patient, ambitious, responsible, efficient, seeks order, traditional, leadership, organizer, resourceful, long-range planning, integrity, ability to give confidence to others, wisdom from experience, self-disciplined, managerial talent, stoic, dependable, reliable, hardworking, determined, shrewd in business, endurance

- characteristics: insecure, fear of marriage, overly perfectionistic/cautious/ suspicious, cold/unresponsive, judgmental, heavy karma, intolerant, stubborn, uses people, opportunist, demanding, limiting/restricting, harsh, perfectionistic, critical, over exacting



+ characteristics: objective/detached, independent, truth seeker, genius, inventive thinker, beats his/her own drum, group, goal, friendship, freedom oriented, innovative, avant garde, open-minded, revolutionary for a cause or to impart wisdom or understanding, loyalty to truth, intelligent, needs space and allows it to others, idealist, seeks to change and reform anything stagnating progress, awakener, seeks enlightenment, progressive

- characteristics: unpredictable, unreliable/flaky, rebellious, stubborn, aloof, cold/icelike/unfeeling, impersonal, eccentric to alienate/likes to shock people, can’t commit/difficulty with intimacy, sociopathic, contrary, radical, controversial, disorganized, absentminded, inconsiderate, dissociation, anarchist tendency


VIRGO RISING - PISCES/Neptune in the 7th - The VISIONARY

+ characteristics: compassionate, sensitive/psychic/in tune with others, imaginative/creative/poetic, idealistic, adaptable, self- sufficient, unassuming, congenial, intuitive, spiritual-oriented/mystical, dreamy, ethereal, imaginative, saintlike, often egoless, meditative, transpersonal goals, seeks oneness/our divine nature

- characteristics: escapist/unfocused, self-sacrificing, victim consciousness, martyr, impressionable, delusional, hypersensitive, changeable, confusing, chaotic, indecisive, secretive, insecure, vague, moody, introverted, spacy, evasive, deceitful, weak, procrastinator, dreamer, addiction challenges, helpless, dependent and/or codependent, needs to develop boundaries


LIBRA RISING - ARIES/Mars in the 7th - The PIONEER

+ characteristics: courageous, explorer/adventurer, enthusiastic, leader/high energy, honesty, independent, a warrior, knight in shining armor, noble, naive, innocent, action-oriented, inspirational ideas, passionate, direct

- characteristics: selfish/self-centered, argumentative battler, touchy, irritable, impatient, frustrated, defensive, audacious, violent, aggressive/pushy, arrogant, impulsive, hot temper/angry, rash, insensitive, inconsiderate, antisocial, discourteous, competitive



+ characteristics: patient, persevering, reliable, security-oriented, compassionate/loyal, trustworthy, accumulator, slow to anger, stable, quiet, artistic, enjoys sensuality/good food, good tastes, affectionate/loving, lover of beauty, devoted, earthy, quality, seeking

- characteristics: stubborn, overindulgence in food or drink, lazy, slow, rageful when aroused, extravagant, jealous/too possessive, stick-in-the-mud, set in routines, resistant to change, boring, dense, dull, conservative, plodding, immovable/rigid



+ characteristics: interesting, great conversationalist/thinks quick on his or her feet/articulate/intelligent, jack-of-all-trades, perceptive, logical, friendly/sociable, amusing storyteller, lively/charming, humorous, flexible or adaptive, knowledgeable, curious, facile

- characteristics: contradictory, fickle, unable to commit, two-faced, critical, impatient, emotional detachment, nagger, big dreamer, nervous/fijdety/restless, liars, unable to concentrate, easily bored/variety-seeking, talks too much, too literal, scattered



+ characteristics: caring, supportive, sensitive to feelings, loyal/protective, warm/tender emotionally, sympathetic, industrious, responsible, protective, thrifty, ambitious, sociable, action-oriented, vulnerable, psychic, memory-retentive, home-oriented, nurturing, gentle/kind, intuitive, patriotic, close ties to family, sentimental

- characteristics: moody, needy, argumentative, self-centered, oversensitive/touchy, overemotional, unstable, smother love, holds grudges, clams up when angry, clingy, maudlin, insecure, self-protective, inconstant, reactive, covert



+ characteristics: inspiring, enthusiastic, magnanimous, loyal, ambitious, leader, creative, spontaneous, generous, optimistic, warm-hearted, dramatic/regal/dignified, desire for recognition, vitality, fun, captivating, noble, confident, vivacious, outgoing

- characteristics: domineering, demanding/bossy, self-centered, overly dramatic, closed-minded, conceited, willful, stubborn, aggressive, arrogant, extremely sensitive, snobby, excessive pride and touchiness, egotistical, grandiose, self-aggrandizing



+ characteristics: helpful/service-oriented, health-conscious, industrious, hard worker, practical, earthy, reliable, considerate, analytical excellence/active mind/intelligent, craftsmanship, flair for organizing, detail-oriented, quiet, efficient, seeks new ways to accomplish/fix things/useful

- characteristics: critical/fault-finding, worrier, cranky, self-critical, perfectionistic, nervous, finicky, skeptical, self-centered, can become hypochondriac, picky, skeptical, discontented, carping, unable to accept error


THE TRANSCENDENTAL PLANETS (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) in the 7th HOUSE or in aspect to VENUS 


URANUS/higher mind - The MAGICIAN

+ characteristics: looking for someone to illuminate them, liberate/awaken them to their own intuitive knowing, needing a tremendous amount of space in a relationship, offers friendship and freedom to partner, strong beliefs about equality, honors principles and exhibits real honesty in communicating 

- characteristics: cannot bear possessiveness, willful and obstinate to rebel, complains about others’ selfishness/coldness,
indifference and not acknowledging their own, refusing to acknowledge emotional pain in others, fear of abandonment strong so “I will abandon you before you abandon me“ attitude, can behave in an extraordinarily self-centered way, addicted to excitement and this creates havoc in relationships, erratic and restless, fixed-dogmatic thinking, unwilling to commit or cooperate, anything too routine cages them in


POSITIVE MANIFESTATION TOGETHER - can enjoy independence and real honest communication with their partner who will also be their best friend, change the world to make it a better place through philanthropic pursuits, learning metaphysical/spiritual truths together to expand their minds, broaden their outlook  


NEPTUNE/higher feelings - The ROMANTIC DREAMER

+ characteristics: looking to transcend the physical plane through unconditional love, seeking God in their partner, the “perfect” partner (ethereal, magical, mystical, lyrical), which of course does not exist, connecting at a very deep level with their partner, romantic and compassionate, able to forgive, attunement - characteristics: unable to accept human faults/discontent, denial about other’s behavior, sacrificing oneself for the partner, confusing sympathy for love, confusion/deception in relationships, absence/fantasy/escapism/addiction/feeling unworthy, platonic relationships with the one they love/sex with someone they cannot love, trying to save others at their own expense


POSITIVE MANIFESTATION TOGETHER - can enjoy creativity/music and spirituality with a partner, impersonal helping/healing and devotion to a higher power/spirituality together/soulmate unions, relationships are a source of spiritual growth and healing the wounds from loving too much


PLUTO/higher power - The THERAPIST

+ characteristics: seeking tranSformation through merging with significant other, needing to develop one’s own power and ability to change not fix each other, healing ourselves from past pain and trauma through real vulnerability, deeply committed to supporting each other’s growth/experiencing deep feelings/sharing shadow work

- characteristics: crisis through relating, chronically insecure, seeking to control and manipulate by over-giving of oneself and material things no matter what it costs, painful emotions such as possessiveness, jealousy, vindictiveness in relating, lack of trust, never getting enough from partner, suspicious, usually involved in triangles through emotional denial and underestimating their own vulnerability


POSITIVE MANIFESTATION TOGETHER - can enjoy merging/sharing power/deep emotional sexual union with a partner, plumb the depths (shadow work) together and eliminate/destroy the shameful pain/hurts in each others past, be a channel of power in the world for healing/transformation of the planet/the wounded healers

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