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for Rebeca Eigen, Astrologer for the 7th House
Marriage & Relationship FIXER

- Relationships, Marriage and Open Enemies - 


“The Shadow Dance, as conceived and presented by Rebeca Eigen is on the cutting edge of the shifting paradigms of the new millenium where they meet the wisdom of the ages. This workshop skillfully blends expertise in Jungian psychology, astrology and metaphysical spirituality. At a time when we are all invited to go more deeply into our sacredly held belief systems, this knowledge is an important blend to assist us in our journey. We recommend it highly.”

— the late Reverends Gene and Barbara Smith,

former ministers of Unity Church of North Houston, TX



Rebeca is a wise and informative teacher, with a vast knowledge of Jung and astrology. I learned so much about how The Shadow operates in my life and in my close relationships! She shares a lot from her own life and her studies of Jung.I can't believe how much I benefit from the information and her entertaining teaching style. This is my second “Shadow Dance” workshop with Rebeca and I learned even more about how to work with projection and shadow aspects. For example, I am now more aware of how my mother impacts my shadow. Now, I can reclaim those lost parts of myself and live a more balanced life.


My friend Candace and I are still having “Aha” moments and we are enjoying sharing the information with our spouses! I know I will enjoy getting into the workbook and exploring even more about myself!


As a true professional, Rebeca is well organized and ready to begin the workshop on time. She plans breaks to allow us to process the information, visit and relate. She brings a printer to be able to print natal charts for those who are late to sign up. (I was really impressed by this!)


Rebeca’s compassion for those in the class also shows through in how she shares individual “quick reads” of the natal chart. Her knowledge and study of astrology adds to the depth and breadth of the class material. There are many layers to Shadow work and Rebeca helps us to explore the layers in a safe space and with the wisdom of a true guide.


I guess what impresses me most about Rebeca is the synthesis of her study of Jung AND astrology with her own life experience. As someone who has truly done her own shadow work, Rebeca is able to be our guide and take us through the sometimes rough terrain of mind and spirit to investigate and explore life on earth. With this exploration, we are also invited to integrate the shadow aspects, in order to live a more balanced life. She does this in a very loving and compassionate way.


I can’t wait to invite Rebeca back for another workshop with our group!

— P.J. Spur, Intuitive Coach

Founder of Soul Revelations Healing Center & Soul Compass Meetup, Irving, TX



Emails, letters and comments after hearing Rebeca speak:


Dear Rebeca,


Thank you for such an enjoyable and informative afternoon on “The Shadow Dance & the Astrological 7th House.” I received many compliments on your presentation. Your material is terrific! We all really had a great time yesterday. You are an inspiring, vibrant soul. Thank you again for driving to Dallas to speak and thank you for the book and the tapes.

Best regards,

—Mira Cosic

ASNT, Dallas, Tx



Good morning Rebeca,


Thank you for the chart reading and the books. Also, your advice was well waked me up from the delirious enchantment of goodness and excitement of this new relationship to see and consider the other dark side. Also, I started reading your book and it was hard to put it down and make myself to go sleep...I went to sleep at 11:30 and I woke up at 5:15 to continue my reading ...  I realize that there is a lot for me to learn....I like the way you wrote is like having a personal conversation with you...I really don't know why I did not get it before...maybe I was not ready to have a close encounter with my Shadow...and it is interesting my call to you last Monday...the teacher shows up when the student is ready....I believe everything has a reason...and a season too...


What is on the book...stays on the book... Thanks,

— Arlene Williams, Houston, TX



Dear Rebeca,

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your Shadow Dance lecture and what an impact it has had on my life. Your point that we can begin Shadow work by recognizing repetitive relationship patterns in our lives really hit home with me. The first time I heard your lecture I was on the verge of leaving a very well paying executive position because I had reached the end of my rope in dealing with my boss. I continued to vilify him in my mind and every day the gulf between us was growing to the point that I knew I would soon have to leave, or explode and get fired.


From your Shadow Dance workshop I realized that what was making me mad about my boss was not just about him, but also about me as it wasn't the first time I'd been faced with this type of situation. This awareness began a path of self-examination that in the end did not change my opinion about my boss's behavior but allowed me to take control of my feelings rather than being controlled by them. Recognizing the true source of my emotions towards my boss allowed me to view his actions with more compassion and understanding.


Doing Shadow work has taught me to recognize that if there is something in my life I'm unhapy with, I have a part in it and therefore they are my Shadow Dance partners. Thanks for this wonderful gift.


Very truly yours,

— Anna M. Sanchez, Houston, TX


“When originally invited to attend the ShadowDance class, I was skeptical, even resistant. However Sheila was unable to attend and I went ahead without her. I was so impressed with what I learned and how I was able to incorporate the premises into our relationship that I encouraged Sheila to attend a second class with me. The Shadow Dance also gave me great insight and alternatives to what internal motives trigger my reactions to the people I interact with on a daily basis.”

— Lyndon Crowson, Houston, TX


“There was noticeable positive change in Lyndon’s attitude toward our relationship after he attended the Shadow Dance workshop. I was anxious to attend the class with him when he wanted to return a second time. The knowledge we acquired has enabled us to effectively navigate the rough roads in our relationship.”

— Sheila Crowson, Houston, TX


“What really grabbed me about shadow work was the quote you gave by C.G. Jung — that what we deny in ourselves must necessarily confront us. Your workshop laid a foundation to better understanding of what I had been learning in metaphysics about creating our own reality. Learning about my Shadow makes that very real and understandable for me.”

— David Riddle, Houston, TX


Dear Rebeca,

It was so nice to talk with you yesterday..... it was so funny. As we were talking about your book..... I kept having this feeling, like I was somewhere else.... In my truck listening to your tape! eeeerie. In my personal life I know many people who are starting their lives over and this information is hard for them to understand, I always tell them to look to themselves for the source of their discomfort  ... The Shadow Dance seems to be the missing information..... well this is just a quick note to you... of thanks. (I'm a fan of yours).

— SueAnne Dunning, Longmont, CO


Hi Rebeca,

I was a diligent student of astrology for many years. In 1986 I got rid of all my astrology books because someone I respected suggested that all my problems were because of that “stuff” I was into. I threw all of my metaphysical books into the trash.


Well, you and I both know that it wasn't the “stuff” that was causing my problems, it was my Shadow begging for recognition. I have reflected upon the Shadow concepts quite a bit. This information appeals to me so much. The astrology chart by Liz Greene hit me right on.


I have a leaning towards being introspective. I see now that I have recognized my Shadow side for quite a long time, but I did not “connect the dots” as to how it diametrically affects my life. This information is terrific. It helps me stay conscious, and in the body, rather than going on flights when things get tough. I want to stay and delve into the dynamics of relationships to “bust” the Shadow's game and see what that energy is up to! Self-discovery is empowerment. I love it.


Many blessings to you!

— Kathleen Schramm, Fremont, CA


I had often wondered how I could begin to unlock the secrets of my subconscious mind, why I had made some of the choices I’d made and why I had chosen some of the relationships I had chosen. At last, Rebeca Eigen's teachings have offered me that key.

— Ruth Ann Panipento, Houston, TX


Curiosity brought me to Rebeca Eigen’s web site, Shadow Dance, however, her extensive study, innate knowledge from personal experience, and warm, compassionate personality bring me back to her for my own personal growth. I now have a greater understanding of the potentials and drawbacks in relationships.


Liz Greene’s Psychological Reports are by far the most insightful and revealing personal reports that I have ever read. They are written in clear, intelligent language without the “Fluff.” I learned how important my Astrological relationship with my parents effects my personality, where my personal struggles are and how to overcome the limitations holding me back from greater life fulfillment.

— Lorraine Lawrence, Salem, New York


In my journey into and through my Shadow, it would have been nice to have someone else to talk to who has also experienced her Shadow. The parts of your Shadow that you shared in the workshop have had a significant impact on my life.

— Nancy Tipton, Houston, Texas


I was fortunate to discover Rebeca Eigen when I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life. I was trying to decide whether or not to end an unhealthy marriage and Rebeca gave me very insightful & powerful information about relationships during my reading. This information finally allowed me to honor what my intuition had been telling me and end the relationship. Now it's been over four years since that reading and I have to say that it was some of the best advice I've ever received. Many other people might have told me to end the relationship, but it was Rebeca who gave me the answers I sought – answers as to how & why I ended up in such a relationship and what I needed to learn from this experience. Her advice allowed me to let go of this unhealthy relationship and gave me the insight I needed to create healthier ones.


She renewed my faith in the possibility of a loving and healthy relationship. When I finally did meet someone special I contacted her to read his chart. She noted how similar we were — and even predicted that we would marry – a prediction which has come true!


I am now aware of my own projections and enjoying a much more loving and balanced life. I no longer feel a victim of other people or circumstances. I'm still doing my own shadow work and I'm so grateful to Rebeca for all the enlightening information and compassion she has shared with me.

— Carolina Sanford, San Diego, CA

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- Testimonial Letter for the Workbook from a Family Member -

Dear Rebeca,

I'm pretty sure you never thought I would be e-mailing you because throughout the years that I have been married to the family, I can't recall having a single conversation with you other than the usual pleasantries when arriving or leaving a family gathering. That being said allow me to just say it's not a matter of dislike or anything of that sort. You probably know that I have been a very closed up person, expressing my feelings used to be very difficult for me. I'd like to share a personal story with you.


I, without realizing had embarked on a self imposed journey or mission to enlighten myself. Low and behold as fate would have it after the family reunion at Peters on the 4th of July, Denise brought home your book. I asked what it was about and she said “It’s a book my Aunt Rebeca has written and given to me as a gift for my birthday.” One day I just picked it up out of curiosity and couldn’t put it down. I'm now 3/4 of the way in to the book. Allow me to Thank you and applaud you for it is truly great to me. How this happened I don’t know, maybe you can explain. The journey I mentioned that I had embarked on was one of which I was trying to, mind you unaware, to find my shadow and as you say find balance in my life. Denise and I had authentic communication  but we were calling it sincere from the heart honest conversation. During these conversations we would speak truthfully, honestly and openly. We had agreed prior, that neither one of us would become hurt or angry when the other was honest when bringing up an issue that needed to be worked on or resolved.  You can just imagine how we were traversing through this rather blindly but willingly. Your book and your teachings have made this endeavor much easier. 


I was inspired to start all of this from something I heard in church, which caused me a moment of clarity. A realization came upon me how much my wife and my children meant to me. I asked myself to what lengths I would go, to ensure my marriage would never fail. I found that I was committed to this woman for as long as I draw breath in this world, but at the same time I needed to find out more about myself and my shadow. I sincerely feel that what I have learned so far from your book and what I will continue to learn will help me achieve this goal. Your book has helped me tremendously  in my marriage, by the awareness of now mirroring and projection and the fact that we both now are learning to accept and own our differences. 


Also in my daily life troubles that I had with work are more clear to me, I can now see my trouble with employees in a different light. The personal stories that you interject about Trish and the other experiences in your life are placed perfectly.  They enable me to comprehend  so much more easily by the examples made. I could go on and on, but just let me conclude  by thanking you for one of the best gifts we have ever received.


The Astrological part has been a little difficult for me to grasp but I am continuing to try and comprehend its true meaning. I can hardly wait to finish it as I am going to read it again and hopefully draw as much from it as the first time. I hope if I have any questions that it would be okay for me to call upon you for guidance as to where I can find the literature that will explain areas I may not understand. Again my sincerest thanks for helping me via your book understand who I am and what makes me, me. I now fully realize that understanding our shadow is a lifetimes endeavor one that I  embrace wholeheartedly.



Louis Villarreal

Amazingly helpful consultation!!!
Thank you Rebeca for your very insightful reading. At 62 years old I found myself at a turning point in my life. I was at the beginning of a new relationship which appeared to me, to be a forever love. After 3 failed marriages, I was understandably nervous about trusting my feelings. Your relationship reading validated everything. We are so happy and so in love.


Rebeca has many years of experience and study behind her when it comes to relationship astrology. She’s not guessing in the dark. She understands what she is talking about. Everything she said was spot on. Very helpful in understanding my new relationship. Best consultation I've ever gotten! My boyfriend enjoyed hearing it too! 

— Gail B., Houston, TX

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