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Recommended by Customer, Rebeca Eigen
Chiki Buttah makes all natural self care products made with the purest organic ingredients. Their products are totally free of artificial ingredients so you can feel confident about making the best choice for you, your family, and the environment.
I personally use the Chiki Balm every night on both my hands and upper legs. I started using this for arthritis in my right hand and within a week was able to notice a difference. I have also purchased the CBD oil for my son for anxiety and a more peaceful sleep. He also uses the Canabiss Bliss for neck pain and he said it really relieved his pain very quickly.

Use this link to make a purchase and I will receive a discount on my subsequent purchases and mention you saw it at the web site. 

Thank you! And I hope you too will benefit from these products. I am so glad I found them. I am now using the face serum under my eyes as I had some dryness. It is soooo soothing.

I met Kimberly Keeshin at the Irving Wellness Expo and started using the samples she gave me.
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