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Rebeca Eigen 
Marriage and Relationship FIXER


We may truly suffer after a bad relationship ends but if we can learn to see our experiences from a different perspective by doing “Shadow Work,” we will find out the Universe actually had our back all along. Join the Webinar Shadow Work & Your 7th House Membership Portal. It has a 1x fee for Life so you can do it over and over or just do it when time permits.

Valerie and Amy


by Valerie Hope
Originator of
Not Quite Strangers Podcast

You & Astrology with Valerie Hope

You & Astrology with Amy Lynn Durham

Join me on my Facebook Page: 7th House Astrology & Shadow Work and Group: Shadow Dancing and Your Relationships 

This talk was given to the Houston Astrological Society on 2-12-22. Rebeca's topic is the Astrological 7th House and the importance of this house when it comes to Shadow Work between people. There really is a reason for who and why we fall in love and why it inevitably leads to conflict, but with this information shared in this talk, you may both be able to look at your relationship differently. Watch to the end for comments and experiences of those who attended give great examples of the value of shadow work.

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