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with Rebeca Eigen, Astrologer for the 7th House

- Relationships, Marriage and Open Enemies - 

Webinar Flyer for 2023

Shadow work can help you move past hurtful patterns that were brought over from our parents relationships into our own and that is huge!


You will never look at your relationships the same again.

This is the kind of relationship of “wholeness” needed now in the Age of Aquarius — Best Friends not fantasies. The Age of Pisces is over. Those old paradigms of being victims of our relationships can no longer work as we are evolving.


Our 7th House and Venus placement and aspects in our birth chart holds the KEY. 

Shadow Work & Your
7th House Webinar

Please don't forget to include your date, place and time of birth for your birthchart.
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You will also receive a 34 pg Booklet called:

Tapping Into An Acceptance
of Your Shadow 

by Helen Racz
Edited by Rebeca Eigen which will guide you to do tapping while you do your work.

8 audios of Helen tapping you through some of the difficult emotions you will feel when you are doing “Shadow Work.”

There are no accidents and the events/people were purposeful. The deep gratitude that comes from becoming conscious of our unconscious inner world will be the result.

“I alone must become myself,
but I cannot b
ecome myself alone.”

—J. Pittman McGehee, D.D.

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What to Expect in This Course - 6 Curriculum Modules


1. A Thorough Understanding of our Shadow, a term coined by the eminent psychiatrist, Dr. Carl G. Jung — what it is, how it is formed and what archetypes are in the psyche of us all.


2. Repeating Patterns as Mirrors — how and why they occur. You will learn empowering insights as to how to recognize your Shadow in others and learn how to meet them half way.


3. Complex Theory — Understanding How our Mother and Father Complexes are involved in our relationship life.


4. Who and why we fall in love in the first place and how to remain conscious when you are going through that blissful, intoxicating experience. You will learn about the masculine (Anima) and feminine (Animus) in all of us.


5. Astrology, a Synchronistic Model — A Tool for Self-knowledge as it shows us a blue print of our psyche. The 7th House in our birth chart in particular will describe your unique requirements in relationships. You will learn about the planets (archetypes) in your 7th House, the meaning of Venus in a particular House and Sign and how to do them together. You will receive your birth chart and a description from me as to what to look for that is specifically about yourself in the webinar.


6. Individuation — Becoming Who We are Meant to Be. Jung gifted us with his psychological concepts that can guide us in this vocation. The process of integrating our own opposites through our Shadow Dance partners, will eventually lead us to what he called individuation — wholeness. Not goodness, wholeness.  


Jung said,

                     “I would rather be real than good.”


You will find out what has been holding you back from truly loving and relating to others.


This course is not just for couples. All relationships will improve when we learn about our shadow selves. An accurate birth time, date and place is required. We cannot see the birth chart without it.

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One time fee for Life! No monthly payments.
Please don't forget to include your date, place
and time of birth for your birthchart.
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I have been reflecting on your insights into my chart.  I have become very aware of the shadows around me as well as the feeling I get inside that reminds me to be conscientious to a need for “diplomacy.”  There have been some other smaller revelations as well.

      Thank you for helping me to understand my disposition in a new and evolving way.


 — Jeff R., Houston, TX

This lady is amazing. I had ONE SESSION with her after my separation more than two years ago. She didn’t threaten my belief in God but supported anything that was/is good. Her session wasn’t anything but a positive shift for me during a time where I was struggling so greatly, breathing seemed a challenge. I needed to realize a few things about my relationship and her help was one more step to accepting my reality and moving forward with PEACE.

—Tammy D., Houston, TX

I just had to take a moment to thank you. The chart reading that you did for me and studying about my Shadow and projections has made such a positive impact on my life. It’s like I have turned on a switch. I’m going to continue the process using the Workbook. Bless you!  

— Layla R., Bossier City, LA

Rebeca’s reading was spot on and very insightful! What I appreciated was that it wasn’t simply an astrological reading — Rebeca added wisdom to the information she shared that helped me navigate a challenging time in my life.

—Louise G., Australia


Thanks for being blunt Rebeca. Very enlightening. You have given me a better perspective for opening up myself!

— Leticia R., Laredo, TX

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