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Understanding the Astrological energies of your birth chart from a Jungian perspective will help you discover the hardwired relationship requirements that your soul designed for your evolution in this lifetime. 

with Rebeca Eigen
Astrological Marriage and Relationship FIXER
Venus & 7th House Plaets
 1 hour
(Zoom or in person - Houston, Texas

Understanding the 7th House and our Venus becomes instrumental to our ability to create and sustain relationships. With this knowledge, we are now capable of recognizing and taking back the pieces of ourselves that they had to carry for us. Knowing about our Shadow is life-changing. This is an in-depth 75-minute consultation recorded mp3 and includes a pdf of your Birth Chart.

Venus and Your 7th House Planets - $175.

N E W *

WITH RE - $50 (20 min)

On Zoom or in person (Houston, TX)


Having a consultation on the basic building blocks of our natal chart is like seeing a blue print of our psyche. The planets (archetypes) describe our character traits, the elements (earth, air, fire and water), describe our psychological functions and the aspects the planets make to each other and the houses they are in show you who you are in the state of becoming. Your Astrology is not static. We are always growing into learning more and more about our whole self in this  present evolutionary journey. 

Natal Chart Interpretation - $175.00

See Longer explanation for TRANSITS as GUIDES below.

BOOK a mini-consultation with Rebeca about your relationships. consultation can help you see the benefit and value of knowing about  your 7th HOUSE. You will find out about the archetypal energy which is unique to you.

OR would you like to talk about a current issue you are having to get some insight from your birth chart and current transits (where the planets are right now and what that can mean for your life)?

You can now pay with Cash App, Venmo or Zelle. Please include your name, birth date, time and place and email/cell phone. ALL consultations are prepaid 2 days before your consultation. No exceptions as I prepare in advance.


“Rebeca’s wisdom and insight will surprise you! She knew me better in five minutes than a year

in Jungian analysis. Don’t walk ... RUN to work with her! She is a real treasure!”         

— Barbara B. Dallas, TX

All sessions pre-paid.

Call 281.799.2900
to schedule your appt.


I record the consultation and send
you an mp3 of the session

by email within 24 hours
of your session.


Follow up Consultations:

Can be purchased as

1, 4 and 6 week

Weekly Session/ Commitments
Call Rebeca for more info.
by Zoom or in person)

Refer 2, get 1 Free

PDF of REFERRAL  Program


Liz Greene

Follow-up Consultations after the 1st - $155.00 each

Consultations Available:

- Natal Chart Overview, Houses, Signs, Planets,
Rising Sign, Aspects

- A Deeper Look at the North and South Nodes
of the Moon - Karmic Implications

- Relationships We Will Meet at the North and

South Nodes of the Moon 

- A Place Where We All Feel Inferior —
Your Saturn Sign & House

- Where We Can Get Stuck — Hard Aspects

(Some Conjunctions, Squares and Oppositions)

- Major configurations, T-Squares, Grand

Crosses, Yods, Conjunctions of Outer Planets

to Personal Planets

- More Work on My Shadow Dance Partners

This last consultation is if you want to come back to discuss a specific problem that keeps driving you crazy and you want to gain an understanding of the issue. Get pkg of 4 or 6 and save.


Deep Sea Diver Consultations Pkg.

 Save $100. for 7 Consultations if you prepay
for 7 at one time. (Reg $930.00




(includes a Merlin + Karmic Report.

Call 281.799.2900 to schedule a time

and to pay with Venmo, Cash App or Zelle.

Deep Sea Divers


This lady is amazing. I had ONE SESSION with her after my separation more than two years ago. She didn’t threaten my belief in God but supported anything that was/is good. Her session wasn’t anything but a positive shift for me during a time where I was struggling so greatly, breathing seemed a challenge. I needed to realize a few things about my relationship and her help was one more step to accepting my reality and moving forward with PEACE.
—Tammy D., Houston, TX

I just had to take a moment to thank you. The chart reading that you did for me and studying about my Shadow and projections has made such a positive impact on my life. It’s like I have turned on a switch. I’m going to continue the process using the Workbook. Bless you!  

— Layla R., Bossier City, LA

Rebeca’s reading was spot on and very insightful! What I appreciated was that it wasn’t simply an astrological reading — Rebeca added wisdom to the information she shared that helped me navigate a challenging time in my life.
—Louise G., Australia

Thanks for being blunt Rebeca. Very enlightening. You have given me a better perspective for opening up myself!
— Leticia R., Laredo, TX

I have been reflecting on your insights into my chart.  I have become very aware of the shadows around me as well as the feeling I get inside that reminds me to be conscientious to a need for “diplomacy.”  There have been some other smaller revelations as well.
      Thank you for helping me to understand my disposition in a new and evolving way.
 — Jeff R., Houston, TX


Testimonials 2
Transits - Consultation pg


The planets are so mathematically precise. We know to the minute where the planets will be 250 years from now. Transits are where the planets are in the heavens now. They are making mathematical aspects to your birth chart.


I will not do predictions as there are many possibilities within an archetype but the insights you receive from TRANSITS to your current life are uncanny so I highly recommend them yearly.

or purchase JUST THE REPORT. 



with Rebeca Eigen $190.00

1 hour (Zoom or in Houston)

includes  the Advanced Transits REPORT by Jeff Jawer

which has details of where the planets are right now.

Call 281.799.2900 to schedule a time

and to pay with Venmo, Cash App or Zelle.

What Specifically are Transits?

Have you ever wondered why events are happening, why you seem to be sailing through with good fortune, making new changes in your daily habits, why significant relationships come into your life or why you are having trouble with family, colleagues, friends or your career? These questions and many others can be answered by looking at your specific transits and progressions through your astrological birth chart.


Having your transit reports will help you make better choices and understand the complexity of situations and events that occur giving you greater self-knowledge and a realization that we are all synchronistically connected to the cosmos and each other at a very deep level. As the ancient alchemists would say, “As within, so without, as above, so below.”


The Workbook NOW 

Buy the Shadow Dance Workbook now and start cooperating from a position of knowledge of your own and your partners birth chart.

Newly Revised Workbook

$29.95 + $10. P&H



We finished your video night before last ... of course you are right .... we do need to watch it again. We got so much out of it the first time that it will be interesting to see what we hear the second time around. Rebeca, thank you so much for choosing to learn the Shadow work. To learn to look at my relationships and life in general from the archetypal view feels very right and exciting to me. To be able to embrace and understand the part of me that I have always been told was so very bad is even more exciting.

                                                                                          — Iris Tompkins - Canada

Watch this Youtube live at Myztic Isle Bookstore in La Mesa, CA filmed in 2009
right after my original workbook came out.
It is an introduction to my work using the Astrological 7th house to learn about your Shadow. How to recognize it, where it stems from, how to own it and live with the tension of opposites in all of us.

“Talk about instant gratification! I wish I had found Rebeca earlier in my quest for self knowledge! The aspects of my personality and life that she illuminated for me clicked so quickly and I felt as if I was being handed the keys to my personal success!” 

— Sheila S. K., Houston, Tx


“It is funny how you so easily know me after just one call and even though we are a great ocean apart. Perhaps it is due to the fact that you are honestly interested in men and the how and the why. Rebeca has deep knowledge and understanding of Jungian shadow psychology using the archetypes found in astrology to guide you towards an acceptance of your true self.”

— Johan A., Sweden


“My consultation with Rebeca was a life changing experience! I had never quite understood myself and my interactions with others. It has helped me tremendously to understand where I have been, where I am now and where I can go should I choose.”  

— Sari F., Houston, Tx




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