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ASTRO*INTELLIGENCE REPORTS by World-famous Astrologers,


I highly recommend these transit reports. I personally get one of each every year!
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Have you ever wondered why events are happening, why you seem to be sailing through with good fortune, making new changes in your daily habits, why significant relationships come into your life or why you are having trouble with family, colleagues, friends or your career? These questions and many others can be answered by looking at your specific transits and progressions through your astrological birth chart.


Astro*Intelligence reports are the world’s only computerized

astrological reports that recreate the thinking processes used by

world-famous astrologers Liz Greene and Robert Hand.


The results are a series of reports that are both amazingly accurate and piercingly insightful. Thanks to expert systems, and state-of-the-art programming techniques, you can benefit from the wisdom of Liz Greene and Robert Hand at a fraction of the cost of a personal consultation.


The planets are so mathematically precise. We know to the minute where the planets will be 250 years from now. These reports are terrific. I order them myself every year to have a good synthesis of upcoming lessons and energies present without having to keep the ephemeris (a book that details where the planets are every year) open.


Having your transit reports will help you make better choices and understand the complexity of situations and events that occur giving you greater self-knowledge and a realization that we are all synchronistically connected to the cosmos and each other at a very deep level. As the ancient alchemists would say, As within, so without, as above, so below.

I highly recommend Rob Hands Transit Rep


VERY IMPORTANT: Please include birth time, date (please spell out the birthday month such as September instead of using the symbol 9) and place (city and state and country) and gender.
CONSULTATION with REBECA to discuss your YEARLY Transits 
PAY NOW $255. and call her at 281-799-2900 to schedule a time. For
more information about this consultation, click here. Includes Rob Hand
Transits of the Year Report Value $65.00 + Shipping $10.

If birth information is not correct when you receive your report, we will replace your order at no charge. Email



Transits of the Year Robert Hand $65.00 + $10. P&H


What will the next year bring? What would be most appropriate in your life just now? Have you ever felt that life is following its own schedule — sometimes you have to struggle with enormous problems; at other times everything seems to work out fine all by itself. Sometimes one big crisis follows another. And then again, there are times when good fortune literally seems to beam on one. What lies behind this changeability of fate? "Transits of the Year" sheds light upon this mysterious quality of the times. and is based on the movements of the actual planets in the sky over the different positions in your natal chart. Robert Hand describes how these transits influence you personally and which themes and topics will be most important for you during any given year. Knowing about your transits can help you to cope better with crises and difficulties and to make the best of the opportunities coming your way. You can order your "Transits of the Year" for any twelve-month period of time.


Approximately 38-40 pages. Please remember at checkout to specify gender, birth date, time and place. ALSO please specify English, Danish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese or Russian.

“I found your reading the most meaningful I've ever had.  It helped me understand what has been, and is, going on; and provided me a direction to move forward. I had never seen the ancillary materials you supplied and found them very worthwhile.


— Wally N. Houston, TX

Yearly Horoscope Analysis Report by Liz Greene  $75.00 + $10. P&H


Liz Greene’s “The Meaning of the Time” uses selected transits and progressions to explore the year’s main themes as well as outlining the prevalent themes for each month. She also discusses the trends in each sphere of life: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The text focuses primarily on the inner developments, conflicts, changes and realizations which reflect the real meaning of time. Specify gender, birth date, time and place.


40-50 pages. Please specify gender, birth date, time (am or pm) and place at checkout. ALSO please specify English, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese or Spanish.

Long Term Perspective Report by Liz Greene  $90.00  + $12 P&H

Astrological cycles do not take human calendars into account, the movements of the planets have their own logic and timing.

The Long-Term Horoscope for six years allows you to look into the long-ranging and complex processes of your psyche. Your inner development, which is reflected by transits of the slow-moving planets and progressions, is usually not in a hurry and gives your personality time to integrate new things. It is helpful, though, to know these new things in advance - Liz Greene provides some insights.

Beside your own personal themes, Liz Greene analyses the collective constellations of the chosen time span, and how they influence your individual horoscope. She also explains how your generation can be affected.

45-50 pages. Please remember to specify birth date, time and place. 
Available languages: English, Danish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.

Forecast Horoscope Report By Robert Hand $40.00 + $10 P&H 


Forecast Horoscope describes the astrological tendencies for the next few months in love, profession and other areas of life. The forecast can help you live your life with more awareness, perceive the potential of the time, and faithfully continue on your path. This horoscope is based on the transits of the slower moving planets over the planets of your natal chart.


15 to 20 pages. Please remember to specify birth date, time and place.
Available languages: English, Danish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian

Advanced Forecast by Jeff Jawer  $15.00  Emailed to you as PDF


The daily transits of the planets from Mars thru Pluto as they aspect your birth chart will tell you why some days you feel zippy, ready to meet the world and on others you feel introspective and want solitude. Mars is the planet of action, Jupiter is the planet of aspiration, Saturn is the planet of order and responsibility, Uranus is the planet of change and rebellion, Neptune is the planet of ideals and illusions, and Pluto is the planet of healing and transformation. Specify birth date, time and place.


25-30 pages. Please remember to specify birth date, time and place.



All reports have P&H. Please call 281-799-2900 for postage for EUROPE, CANADA, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA and other countries. All credit cards through Paypal accepted.



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