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The Shadow Dance &
Astrological 7th House

 (Relationships, Marriage and Open Enemies; i.e. the Shadow in us all)

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A  Description of the Shadow:

Hidden or unconscious aspects of oneself, both good and bad, which the ego has either repressed or never realized. Rejected aspects of ourselves and also undeveloped potential. Jung said our Shadow was 90% gold!

Do you find yourself asking:


- Why did I attract him or her?

- Why are all my bosses the same?

- Why is this repeating in my life?


Learning about our Shadow shows us:


- The hidden part of us that we badly need to have healthy relationships.


- How taking responsibility for our lives can lead to wholeness and healing.



In this workbook you will learn:


- The concept of the Shadow, a term coined by the eminent psychiatrist, Dr. Carl G. Jung, how it is formed and where it stems from.


- Repetitive patterns in relationships and why they occur. The term “projection” and what that means to each individual. This can be relationships with spouses, bosses, siblings, friends, anyone so all relationships.


- How to meet people halfway and discover your missing parts.


- Astrology, a synchronistic model = A tool for self awareness that can help you in all your relationships as you see the many characters that you inherently are. How all these parts need a place to be expressed in your life.


- How the Astrological 7th House, in particular can help you discover the parts of yourself that get projected whenever a “fascination” with a potential lover (or what drew two people together in the first place) occurs. Or a person you “hate” or “cannot stand” as both contain parts of our Shadow.


- Some essential ingredients for communication and how each person can contribute to improving the quality of their relationship by owning their own Shadow.


- Ultimately we will find out we are not victims, that all our relationships are purposeful and that the Universe brings to us exactly what we need to become conscious of our many “Selves” hidden in the unconscious part of us that Jung called our Shadow.



This workbook is designed to help you do Shadow work. The planets in or ruling the 7th House and in aspect to Venus will

give you details of

what you are missing

in yourself. These

hidden parts will be

projected onto our

partners. Once you

can own your own

Shadow, then a

conscious relationship

can begin as two

people have detailed information to help them learn to cooperate and compromise (two key Libra words).


Rebeca uses astrology, psychology and personal anecdotes as well as examples of those who have taken her workshops.

Words cannot begin to express what we have gained from your work and writing in such a short period of time.


— Ken Westenhaven - LaPorte, Colorado



Rebeca Eigen’s fine workbook presses astrology forward out of the age of determinism and fortune-telling. She speaks empoweringly of the choices we make, even in the face of the most challenging dimensions of our natures. Individuals, and especially couples, everywhere will find it direct, penetrating and eminently helpful. I recommend it without reservation.


— Steven Forrest 


Rebeca’s book is very lucid, articulate, and nicely organized, which helps readers focus on what’s essential while also participating in what they're learning. The folksy, conversational style with lots of stories and anecdotes give this workbook a personal, readable quality that pulls you in – almost like an adventure story! A long time exponent of Jung and true lover of his work, Rebeca utilizes Jung's concept of the shadow to good advantage in her interpretations of 7th house planets, relationship dynamics, and more. Readers will find much to ponder in these pages.


— Glenn Perry, Ph.D.

This is just the most helpful book about dealing with the shadow. I am a professional astrologer who specializes in relationship counseling. I am also a shaman with an international clientele as a healer. In both capacities, I deal with shadow material. This book marries a unique combination of disciplines into a most practical, user-friendly workbook style. It is obvious that you are speaking from long personal experience with clients. As an author myself, I know what is involved in writing a first class book. Thanks so much for sharing this at a time when the world is dealing with these very same issues.


Diana Stone (is now deceased. One of the best astrologers I ever had the opportunity to meet and learn from).


I looked over your workbook last night — it's EXCELLENT! Really clear and helpful to people, effective in communicating the essence of the good work you are doing through the printed page. The layout is clear, artistic, user friendly. What a feat! Whew! Taking everything you're doing in your workshops and somehow communicating that knowledge through book form.


I thought the content was really good, thought provoking, and helpful for people to become more conscious about what they are doing — and the subconscious forces operating — in their relationships. And you did it in a clean way that empowers them to make changes in their daily lives. Congratulations to you!


With Love,

Jan Spiller

(Jan is also now deceased but I was fortunate to fly to Florida to take a workshop with her in person. We stayed at the same hotel so I had dinner with her two nights in a row and her books are amazing.  So fortunate to have known her.)


This book is not only insightful, it’s fun. If you and the person you love (or are trying to control) play the Shadow Dance game, your level of communication in relationships could go off the charts.


Michael Lutin





A quick note to let you know I totally enjoyed your new book. It is amazingly eye-opening and transformational to your readers. Nowadays, most people seek help from outside, unaware of self-awareness holds the key to their daily struggles. Thank you so much for your book and openess to share!


James Lee - Sugar Land, Texas


This was one of the very best books I have ever read and would like everyone to receive the value that I did. If you are looking for help in finding self love and establishing a loving relationship with a partner, friends, and family then please read this book.


After reading and completing the exercises in The Shadow Dance workbook for the first time I understood the concept of My Shadow. The book was a gift for me. I have never found so much value in a workbook. I compare it to spending 3 days in a workshop and spending $300 dollars.


Kirk Danilson - Sacramento, California



To schedule a Consultation

with Rebeca Eigen,

call 281-799-2900.

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READ ARTICLES by Rebeca Eigen

 - published in the Indigo Sun Magazine and Intent Blog -

Rebeca resides in Houston, Texas.
For an appointment,

Rebeca E. Eigen is an Astrologer specializing in the 7th house (marriage) and aspects to Venus and the ruler of the 7th house.


She uses astrology, psychology and personal stories to illustrate how we create patterns in our relationships. The Shadow Work & Your 7th House Webinar available NOW make this difficult concept easy to use in our everyday lives. She is also available to do individual consultations based on your birth data (time, place and date). Rebeca uses the astrological birth chart as a guide to evoke the symbolic and help you become more aware of your total Self. Your accurate birth time, date and place are necessary.

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