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Couples Consultations
with Rebeca Eigen
Astrological Marriage and Relationship FIXER
Couples Consultations

Hi Rebeca!

Thank you SO much for such an enlightening session. Drew and I feel like it was years worth of therapy. You do amazing work! I’m sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye. Luke (their baby) was so fussy!! We are excited to work with you again and will be reaching out again soon!          — Natalie M, Denver, CO

The benefits of a Couples Consultation are to help you understand yourself and your partner, and the complex relationship situations your partner has come into your life to help you integrate within yourselves. You will both learn that your relationship is not an accident and that you can learn to meet each other half way once you understand the complexity of your energy (archetypes).

Liz Greene

What TWO PEOPLE Can Expect

I mediate between couples and the same works for parent and child, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law or two friends who need a mediator or even siblings. I use each persons birth chart to mediate between them only if both are willing because it takes two to tango so to speak.


All relationships will go through separation (not necessarily divorce) in order for both to differentiate and see the unique individuality of the other person. If we don't do this, we are seeking our own mirror and cannot have a genuine meeting between two unique individual human beings. Jung would call this an un-psychological and unconscious relationship.


Scott Peck says, “Love is as love does,” and each person will have to give of themselves to create the union they truly want to have. I will facilitate helping you all to become more aware of your SELVES. The rest is up to the two of you.

(All FOLLOW UP SESSIONS are 1 Hour Sessions Weekly).

Call me to discuss your preferences and I will send you a Paypal link to prepay your preferred Consultations/Commitments.
I also accept
Zelle, Cash App and Venmo. (see above)

Follow-up Consultations after the 1st Couples Pkg - $155. individually or $225. for 1.5 hrs. TOGETHER.

BOOK a mini-consultation with Rebeca about your relationships. consultation can help you see the benefit and value of knowing about  your 7th HOUSE. You will find out about the archetypal energy which is unique to you.


OR would you like to talk about a current issue you are having to get some insight from your birth chart and current transits (where the planets are right now and what that can mean for your life)?


COUPLES Consultations
Defining What Our Relationship Needs Are …TOGETHER. - $750

Who you are as a couple is a combination of the hidden aspects of yourselves that you are in the process of developing as well as the conscious energies you share. You can become a GIFT to each others spiritual and psychological growth.

All my consultations utilize my work with the Shadow, a concept of Carl G. Jung using the birth chart of each partner. 


Jungian Analyst J. Pittman McGehee, D.D., says,

“I alone must become myself, but I cannot become myself alone.”

- Includes a Natal Chart Overview for each person, Venus and 7th House planets, ruler and aspects will be examined.

I work with couples individually at first and then together.  So there are three separate sessions - 1 hr each) Fee is $750.00 for 3 sessions prepaid and must be all scheduled within 1 mo.

Includes a report with specific guidance for the couple based on my observations after the first two consultations with each separately when they come together for the 3rd consultation. 

Zoom Meetings online or in person in Houston, Tx.

Learning about ourselves is the task of an entire lifetime as we are all in process of becoming who we

came here to be and no one knows their whole self. 

Shadow Work Couples



As you discover the potential gifts in Shadow work; i.e. the hidden or unconscious aspects of yourself, ALL relationships — intimate partners, friends, parents, siblings, co-workers and others are greatly improved.­


Utilizing your birth charts, Rebeca assists the two of you in becoming who you are meant to be —TOGETHER.

Shadow Work for couples can be individually or you can come together. You can expect some very important insights that will facilitate change for both of you.

$150. for one Consultation for Individual

$175. if you come together as a Couple

or prepay for 4 or 6 Hour  Weekly Commitments
(see below) 

Call Rebeca to schedule an appointment.


Astrological 4-6 weeks
Shadow Work 4-6 weeks


4 Weeks Shadow Work  Commitment Fees prepaid $600. 

($150. each 1 Hour each week) Saves $20.

6 Weeks Shadow Work  Commitment Fees prepaid $810. 

($135. each 1 Hour each week) Saves $40.

Call 281-799-2900 to schedule a time to begin.

Logically, the opposite of love is hate, and of Eros, Phobos (fear);
but psychologically it is the will to power. Where love reigns,
there is no will to power; and where the will to power
is paramount, love is lacking.
 One is but the shadow of the other ...


Two Essays in Analytical Psychology, para 78

“Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean.”
—Nursery Rhyme
Watch this Youtube live at Myztic Isle Bookstore in La Mesa, CA filmed in 2009
right after my original workbook came out.
It is an introduction to my work using the Astrological 7th house to learn about your Shadow. How to recognize it, where it stems from, how to own it and live with the tension of opposites in all of us.

We finished your video night before last ... of course you are right .... we do need to watch it again. We got so much out of it the first time that it will be interesting to see what we hear the second time around. Rebeca, thank you so much for choosing to learn the Shadow work. To learn to look at my relationships and life in general from the archetypal view feels very right and exciting to me. To be able to embrace and understand the part of me that I have always been told was so very bad is even more exciting.

                                                                                          — Iris Tompkins - Canada

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