International Academy of Astrology, the oldest online astrology school. We offer live online classes, workshops, and lectures with real instructors covering every level of astrological education. Our comprehensive diploma program is recognized by astrological organizations worldwide. Plus we have an ever-expanding video library featuring lectures and mini-courses on a wide variety of astrological topics.

NAT-1 Foundations in Astrology


12 Class Meetings - posted on August 22, 2019

Prerequisites: Must have a general knowledge of fundamental basic astrology


This class introduces the basic structure of a horoscope and its components. You will learn the elements and modalities of the signs, the sect and quality of the planets, and the house types and meanings. The dignities of the planets of the planets will be taught including triplicity and its relationship to sect. You will learn both the modern and classical approach to temperament analysis.The course finishes with a comparison of chart analysis using classical and modern methods of interpretation.



We are best known for the Equinox range of chart interpretations. I designed and wrote these analyses to replicate my work as a consultant. This meant writing complex software that weighs up the factors in a chart in an intelligent way rather than deliver a set of fragmented text as almost all astrology programs do. We also have celestial products such our classic Moon Phase Calendars and stylish Lunar and Zodiac fridge magnet/cards.

Our Shop (The Astrology Shop, Covent Garden, London) stocks one of the largest ranges of Astrological Book Titles in the world. Birth Charts can be drawn up as beautiful colour wheel diagrams suitable for framing.

If you are wondering how moving to another part of the World can bring out a different side to your personality, browse through our Astro*Carto*Graphy site following the work of legendary locational astrologer Jim Lewis.

The Web's Premiere Astrological Education Site. We Put "Professional" in Professional Astrologer

This is the best software for the Mac out there. They have an excellent service and tech support. - Learn astrology, dream meanings, zodiac mythology, and read your horoscopes on astrology junction.

Founded in 1987, The Association for Psychological Astrology (APA) is dedicated to the integration of astrology and psychology. Our purpose is twofold: (1) establish general guidelines for the application of astrology to the fields of counseling and psychotherapy, and (2) enrich the field of astrology through the systematic integration of psychological concepts and practices.



Daryl Sharp's LEXICON of Jungian Vocabulary



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