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- on the concept of the Shadow -

“The mere use of words is futile if you do not know what they stand for. This is particularly true in psychology, where we speak of archetypes like the anima and animus, the wise old man, the great mother, and so on. You can know about all the saints, sages, prophets, and other godly men, and all the great mothers of the world, but if they are mere images whose numinosity you have never experienced, it will be as if you were talking in a dream, for you do not know what you are talking about. The words you use are empty and valueless, and they gain life and meaning only when you try to learn about their numinosity, their relationship to the living individual. Then only do you begin to understand that the names mean very little, but the way they are related to you is all important.”    


— Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, The Undiscovered Self, paragraph 590, pg 137





1)  ARTWORK  - Tiziana Pantaleoni



1) Musings on the Way - Mary Brandejsky Creighton

2) 911 America, The Healing of America - Jimmy Langkop



1) Wushu Moon Magic by Julie Hand



EMAILS of interest:

1) An Email Dialogue with Dorsey Cartwright



1) Chocolat

2) The Story of Us

3) Me, Myself and Irene

4) Monster Ball

5) Fight Club

6) As It Is In Heaven



1) Most People Are Not Like Us by Angela Snyder

2) The Wolves Within author unknown

3) Way More Than Adequate by Jacques B. Nichols

4) Playfully by Lalla

5) The Last Word by Glenn Murray
6) On the Nature of Human Compassion by Alden Nowlan (1933-1983)

7) Pluto Author Anonymous

8) A New Light on the Road by Merlin Hampton
9) Your Shadow by Brendon Downes
10. You are a Dancer by Terri Vernon

11.) Shadow Dance by Ting Du



1) I’m Looking Through You - the Beatles 

2) Bitch - Meredith Brooks

3) Who I Am - Jessica Andrews

4) Forty Six & 2 - Tool

5) I Am A Mirror - Alan Parsons Project

6) Adelia, My Darling - John Austin Cater, III

7) Shadow Boxer - Fiona Apple

8) Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

9) Demons - Kenny Chesney

10) No One Knows Who I Am - Jekyll & Hide

1) My Dark Place - Jeff Riley




One Saturday night in 1993, my friends Sheila and Lyndon

Crowson came over for dinner. We sat at the table discussing

the Shadow and Lyndon, an artist by trade, started doodling.

Well — look at what the unconscious wanted us to see in his art.

I know it was an unconscious act as he started doodling without

an awareness of what it was leading to.


Our Shadow

The archetype of the Shadow comes to us all — in unexplained moods, in forgetfulness, in slips of the tongue, challenging relationships or situations that repeat, etc. etc. but often the symbols will also come in poetry, essays, and art coming up from the unconscious personally and what we hear or see out in the collective. There are movies, novels and musical lyrics that portray the Shadow side of life. We all have real life experiences of seeing our Shadow. If you have a favorite poem, essay, piece of art or comment or description on a particular movie that you would like to submit for this page, please send to: and please put the word SHADOW in the title so that it won't go into junk mail.
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