Tiziana Panteleoni

- on the concept of the Shadow -



Descent in the Psyche’s underworld. The archetypal language of the emotions. My art work originates from a philosophical need to explore the psyche’s most deep essence which, like Jung’s analytical psychology means that it belongs to all humanity and eludes “space-time” laws.


The emotions arrange the “constellation” of the archetypal forms and became a pictorical language. So, through my artistical production, I gain access to “beyond the skys,” metaphysical dimensions.



Then, painting is my only instrument to philosophize.


An archetypal figure which often appears in my painting is “the hermaphrodite.” Jung thought that, in every culture and civilization the “androgyne” is the strongest image able to attract “Piscean libido”, i.e., Aztecan (Dual God), Hinduism (male and female in Shiva), Plato (the myth of androgyne).


By my stylistic viewpoint, the choice of work on relief and using clay are necessary for portraying human psyche’s complexity.  




Unconscious (instinct and spirituality) and consciousness.

cm140x90 oil+wood work on relief. (2003)


The Escape of the Heart

cm 100 x100 oil on canvas work on relief (2001)

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