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Shadow Work Can Heal Years of Relationship Struggles
Sometime or another we all need to begin to do our own “Shadow Work” and knowing our Astrology is invaluable for self-awareness, self acceptance and self-compassion. Astrology is a science of the soul and ‘soul work’ is what Jung’s concept of Shadow Work coupled with our Astrological birth chart is all about.
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Rebeca Eigen, an astrologer for 25+ years and author of The Shadow Dance & the Astrological 7th House Workbook specializes in relationships. From every day decisions, to critical life-altering moments, Rebeca shares with you her practical wisdom and guidance for your life’s journey in becoming who you are meant to be. Her in-depth study of Astrology and Jungian psychology has given her an invaluable awareness to help you realize why the unconscious plays an important role in your relationships. CONSULTATIONS are available for individuals, couples, parent/child, friends — any relationship that you are trying to understand.


See pg 4-12


Narcissism: Jung Platform FREE Summit - March 30 - April 2, 2023
What makes someone a narcissist? How do you recognize narcissistic traits in others and yourself? How do you have healthy relationships with narcissistic people in your life? In this summit we will look for the answers to these and many more questions surrounding narcissism. To register for the FREE event, Click here.


“I can show you how to do your 7th House energies (archetypes = planets) and your Venus aspects TOGETHER!”



“Are we compatible?”

My consultations take you into your unconscious to empower you and bring forth your Gold.

YOUR unique birth chart (based on accurate time, date and place) shows that what is inside will show up in your outer world experiences as if by coincidence but it is actually synchronicity. Whatever sign (archetype) is on the 7th-house cusp also called the descendent, whatever planets reside therein are a detailed picture of what you will develop in this lifetime with or without your intention or consent.


So you might as well learn about this part of you and make a decision to develop it because you can then experience the more productive aspects of that particular energy.


This interview Valerie Hope from Not Quite Strangers conducted with Amy Lynn Durham and I was taped 3 or 4 months ago. She released it today and so I am sharing it with you all. 

- T E S T I M O N I A L S -

“I can’t tell you in words how you have helped me understand the me I am becoming. You are a true guide for a journey that most don’t even realize they are on and they are otherwise missing all the “sights.” You show the way.”
                                                                                                                                         —  Jeff Riley, Houston, Texas

“Thank you for introducing me to shadow work several years ago. I don’t know where I would be right now if it were not for meeting you during that crazy time in my life.”

                                                                                                                                         — Michelle Rothrock, Bossier City, LA


We all have both masculine and feminine sides. Yin and Yang. Anima and Animus. King and Queen. Sun and Moon. 


Recognizing your TOTAL SELF as you integrate your Shadow is a life-long retrieval process but your astrology can show you how. The alchemists called this our prima materia and it was also our GOLD.


It’s about BALANCING the opposites within us. Knowing that we are like this and we are also like this and we need that part!


That's why
I call it a DANCE. We can't do it alone. 


Your Shadow is directly behind your Persona, so it’s the first step into your own unconscious.

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- T E S T I M O N I A L -

Amazingly helpful reading!!!
Thank you Rebeca for your very insightful reading. At 62 years old I found myself at a turning point in my life. I was at the beginning of a new relationship which appeared to me, to be a forever love. After 3 failed marriages, I was understandably nervous about trusting my feelings. Your relationship reading validated everything. We are so happy and so in love.


Rebeca has many years of experience and study behind her when it comes to relationship astrology. She’s not guessing in the dark. She understands what she is talking about. Everything she said was spot on. Very helpful in understanding my new relationship. Best reading I've ever gotten! My boyfriend enjoyed hearing it too! 

— Gail B., Houston, TX

— Carl G. Jung
Two Essays in Analytical Psychology, para 136


Sign up now for Shadow Work & 7th House, an Online Membership Portal Webinar or have a private consultation and find out how the Universe has always had your back. You just didn’t know it!

Wellness Expo

Sheila Swift Kahe wrote this song after reading my article “Is It Love or Is It Projection?”


AND yes I was about to have my Annual Halloween Party so the decorations were up!

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