September 5 - 6, 2020
Houston Wellness Expo
Lone Star Convention &
Expo Center in Conroe, Texas
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EVERY FRIDAY  Shadow Work Discussions  |  LIVE on FB at Astrology, Shadow & 7th House page  |  12:00 pm noon, CST  |  All on Youtube Channel
Sometime or another we all need to begin to do our own “Shadow Work” and knowing our Astrology is invaluable
to self-awareness, self acceptance and self-compassion.

- T E S T I M O N I A L S -

“I can’t tell you in words how you have helped me understand the me I am becoming. You are a true guide for a journey that most don’t even realize they are on and they are otherwise missing all the “sights.” You show the way.”
                                                                                                       —  Jeff R., Houston, Texas
“The transit report that I got from you a couple months ago has helped shine a light on things. I've been referring back to it all of the time. I had to see what in the world was happening in the stars because things are shifting so much in my life. Saturn there in my 1st house Leo is not an easy thing. This transit that we are in isn't easy either, but with a little help along the way from the readings that I have purchased from you, along with your consultation make it easier to understand the cosmic weather that is taking place. ”
                                                                                                                          —  Layla M. R., Bossier City, Louisiana

OUR unique birth chart (based on our time of birth, date and place) shows us that what is inside us shows up in our outer world experience as if by coincidence but it is actually synchronicity. Whatever sign (archetype) is on the descendent or 7th-house cusp, whatever planets reside therein are a detailed picture of what we will develop in this lifetime with or without our intention or consent.


So we might as well learn about this part of us and make a decision to develop it because then we can experience the more productive aspects of that particular energy.


We all have both masculine and feminine sides. Yin and Yang. Anima and Animus. King and Queen. Sun and Moon. 


Recognizing our TOTAL SELF as we integrate our Shadow is a life-long retrieval process but your astrology can show you how. The alchemists called this our prima materia and it was also our GOLD.


It’s about BALANCING the opposites within us. Knowing that we are like this and we are also like this and we need that part!

“I should like to emphasize that the integration of the Shadow, or the realization of the personal unconscious, marks the first stage in the analytic process, and that without it a recognition of the anima and animus is impossible. The shadow can be realized only through a relation to a partner, and the anima and animus only through a partner of the opposite sex, because only in such a relation do their projections become operative.”

— Carl G. Jung, AION, para 42

I have personally found by seeing birth charts of gay couples that this still works as we are drawn to our own unconscious through the mirror.
—Rebeca Eigen


- T E S T I M O N I A L -

“A fascination of this kind is never exercised exclusively by one person upon another; it is always a phenomenon of relationship, which requires two people in so far as the person fascinated necessarily has a corresponding disposition. But the disposition must be unconscious, or no fascination will take place. Fascination is a compulsive phenomenon in the sense that it lacks a conscious motive; it is
a voluntary process, but something that rises up from the

unconscious and forcibly obtrudes

itself upon the conscious mind.”

— Carl G. Jung
Two Essays in Analytical Psychology, para 136

- T E S T I M O N I A L -


Sheila Swift Kahe wrote this song after reading my article “Is It Love or Is It Projection?”


AND yes I was about to have my Annual Halloween Party so the decorations were up!

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