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Today March 10, I woke up thinking maybe I should not participate in the Houston Wellness Expo coming up in May although I would really like to (because of the scare right now with the Corona Virus). My friend Rita Mills emailed me and recommended me to the coordinator and after a few emails about the event, the cost, etc. I told her (Felicia Weiss, Ph.D.) to count me in. She told me she was a clinical psychologist and had used an Astrologer for 25 years. She liked my web site and what I have to offer which is teaching others about their shadow. My fear thought was BUT WHAT IF no one will be there because of the Virus so I was struggling with making a decision about committing to it as I walked in to the Jung Center.

I came to the Jung Center today to pay for Bill Kerley's talk there on Thursday and to buy or at least look at Words Made Flesh by Pittman McGehee, D.D. and his poetry book as I have never bought those. Well there was nowhere to park so I came around the staff area and Elissa Davis who runs the bookstore/library was sitting outside reading a book. I showed her my flyer of my Astrology/Shadow Work Services and Fees and asked about the event on Thursday. I also told her that I wanted to buy a book. She said, “Put your flyer on the bulletin board.” I had already done so 3 or 4 days ago but it has a mistake, a typo on my part.” So we went in and I exchanged the new flyers on the bulletin board that I had brought with me for the old ones and put those in the trash. I walked into the library and I noticed right away my book is no longer on display as it usually is. I looked where they used to have it in the reading corner and didn’t see it and I asked her if she still had one. She said she sold one recently and still has two copies, one down there (she pointed to a shelf) and one where the books on shadow are.” Anyway, I said, “Well ok, just checking. The only other place in Houston that carries it is Body, Mind & Soul Bookstore and they recently sold two so I just thought I would ask. I wanted to photograph the other two poetry books to add to his web site that I recently redesigned and maintain for him as I didn't even know he had three poetry books. I didn’t have my cell phone so I said, "I need to go get it, I left it in the car.” She said, “Here just write them down because we have them on the web site. You can get the cover photos and info from there.”

I go out to my car and there are no keys in my purse.

I looked on the seats. I don’t see anything. I go back in and looked in the bathroom and then I went into the library and told her. I said, "I know it means something.” She said, “Your work here is not done yet,” with this great big smile and a twinkle in her eye as only she can do. She says, “Go look again on the table where you put your flyers.” So I did … nothing. I walked out to my car and I locked myself out again as they usually keep the back door locked so I walked around and came back in. I was thinking to myself, Yes, I still have a ways to go but how much I love it when things like this happen because they mean something. Spirit/my unconscious is speaking to me and that feels good to me.

Well I came back in. I told her, “I have to use your phone.” She said, “Of course.” and then I turn and look back and there on top of a book on a shelf she had pointed to earlier are my keys and my cell phone! I looked at the book the keys were on and said, “Spirit Taking Form by Nancy Azara." I had goosebumps all over my arms and she and I both smiled at each other. I told her, "I have been wondering why I still want to revisit Pittman’s work and my ego says I still want to get it out there. He’s just so good, I want everyone to hear him.” She says, “Nothing wrong with ego wanting to do that. It was meaningful to you and you are in a unique position to get this info out there to others because of what you do. Sometimes it isn’t about the book at all. It’s just Spirit telling you to keep on letting it take form.” I looked some more at the book and decided it was too valuable an experience to not buy the book. I said, “I am an artist so maybe I need to do something with my art too. I’ll get it. I know everything means something. It is wonderful when these things happen. Such a cool way to live. I love you.” She said, “I love you back and I know you know what it means and that is really cool too.” I walked out of there with my heart feeling so happy. I live for these synchronistic experiences.They keep me going and desiring to learn more and even if everyone is going on to other teachers, and other subjects, Jung’s work to me is so remarkable and enlightening, I never get enough of it and it would never have happened if I had not met my teacher/mentor Pittman. I am so grateful for him and Elissa as she has been so encouraging to me ever since we met. I came home and did my registration for the Houston Wellness Expo May 23-24th and I look forward to it. Please join me and you can get free tickets on my Events Scheduled page. What will be will be and I am open to whatever is next.

P.S. One of my sisters gave me this birthday card on my last birthday. I liked it so much I saved it. Love,


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